Musica Glorifica was established in 2002 by Jin Kim, an internationally celebrated Baroque violinist. The ensemble was created to promote historically informed performance for early music lovers around the world. Since its establishment, Musica Glorifica has grown into a global project dedicated to the repertoire of the 17th and 18th-centuries and has presented concerts in South Korea, Japan and the United States with such distinguished artists as the Kuijken brothers, Philippe Pierlot and Marc Hantai. Audiences have enjoyed programs centered around the Italian baroque, a program of French baroque dance, larger scale orchestral music and a collaboration with baroque choir to present Handel’s majestic Messiah. Since 2013, Musica Glorifica has also initiated a café music series in the spirit of Bach’s Café Zimmerman that they’ve entitled The Road To Bach. This series presents music from the entire spectrum of the Baroque leading up to and culminating in the music of Johann Sebastian Bach.