The WolfGang’s members are Paul Jacobson, flute; Stanley King, oboe; Mary Sorlie, violin; Jennifer Kalika, viola; Laura Handler, cello and Gail Olszewski, fortepiano.  We play classical music on classical instruments. Our events are held in spaces that are intimate. Generally speaking, we present music composed from 1750 – 1805.

As our name suggests, we play music composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, but we do not restrict our selections to just his music. Compositions of his contemporaries – sometimes new discoveries – are also part of our programs. You will hear us present music by Johann Christian Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, Ignaz Jacob Holzbauer, Karl Philipp Stamitz, F. X. Sussmayer, Franz Joseph Haydn, Jacques Christian-Michel Widerkehr and Ludwig van Beethoven, among others.